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Free Will Quiz

The paradox of human free will and God's infinite knowledge and power has troubled Jewish thinkers at every point in Jewish history. How much do you know about this debate?

Question 1. True or false: Jewish tradition assumes that humansí actions are significant in the greater scheme of things.


Question 2. According to Maimonides, Godís "special providence" is limited to
 Human beings
 Torah scholars


Question 3. Which of the following did not have his/their heart(s) hardened by God?
 The Moabite king Sihon
 The army of Canaan


Question 4. True or false: At his famous show-down with Ahab on Mount Carmel, the prophet Elijah insinuates that God purposely led the hearts of the sinning Israelites astray.


Question 5. What does the Apocryphal writer Ben Sira believe about predetermination?
 That God has predetermined human character from birth
 That humanity is divided into two antithetical groups, the godly and the sinners
 That human beings are free to choose their individual life paths and must not blame God for their transgressions
 All of these
 None of these


Question 6. Which Christian thinker's view on free will parallels Maimonides' view?
 Thomas Aquinas
 Robert Audi
 Immanuel Kant
 SÝren Kierkegaard


Question 7. True or false: The Bible has examples of God announcing predetermined events and interfering with individual choices.