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Afterlife & Messiah Quiz

The immortality of the soul, the World to Come, the resurrection of the dead, and the Messianic age are all part of Jewish tradition. How much do you know about this area of Jewish belief?

Question 1. Which of these is NOT an example of modern messianism?
 Some Chabad Lubavitchers' beliefs about Menachem Mendel Schneerson
 Religious Zionist ideals
 Radical socialism


Question 2. In rabbinic literature, the soul goes through three stages after death. Which of these is not one of those stages?
 The dwelling of the soul in heaven
 The Messianic age on Earth
 The resurrection of the dead
 A "time delay" between physical death and what comes next


Question 3. What is Gehinnom?
 An in-between zone between heaven and hell.
 The waiting-room for the afterlife.
 The Jewish version of purgatory or Hell.
 The Hebrew word for the World to Come.


Question 4. What do biblical books such as Ecclesiastes and Job say about Sheol?
 That all souls go there.
 That only good people go there.
 That only good people go there.
 That there is a concept of reward and punishment there.
 None of the above


Question 5. How is the Messiah described in the Talmud?
 As a beggar sitting at the gates of Rome, waiting for the Jews to repent
 As a political figure with military strength
 As a being with supernatural abilities
 All of the above


Question 6. In the view of the talmudic sage Rav, which of the following is true about the World to Come?
 Sexual relations will be unrestricted
 Everyone will be rich
 Food will taste like anything we want
 There will be no food except for the light of the Shekhinah


Question 7. According to the Books of Ecclesiastes and Job, who goes down to Sheol after they die?
 Only evil men
 Only the poor
 Only free men