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War & Peace Quiz

Peace is one of Judaism's most revered concepts. And yet Jewish tradition assumes that war is inevitable. How much do you know about the Jewish ethics and laws of combat?

Question 1. According to the Torah, what did Amalek do to deserve the scorn of the Israelites?
 They tried to assassinate Moses
 They attacked the weakest members of the Israelites
 They stole all of the Israelites' food
 They burnt down the First Temple


Question 2. True or false: One who is waging an "obligatory war" is still commanded to fulfill all of his daily mitzvot.


Question 3. What kind of war does the Talmud prohibit?
 Nuclear war
 War with any nation other than Amalek
 War where the casualty rate will be more than one sixth of the population
 War where the casualty rate will be more than one tenth of the population


Question 4. The Hebrew word shalom means "hello" and "goodbye" and what else?


Question 5. Which of these prayers concludes with an appeal for peace?
 The Amidah
 The Kaddish
 The Priestly Blessing
 The Grace After Meals
 All of these


Question 6. True or False: Some German Jews fought for the Germans in World War I.


Question 7. True or false: In Judaism, peace is an eschatological dream, not a goal for the here-and-now.


Question 8. In 1967 Israel fought a war that was
 6 hours long
 6 days long
 6 weeks long
 6 months long


Question 9. How many times has Israel been in a war with Iran?
 Three times


Question 10. The Talmud explicitly prohibits the waging of war in a situation where the casualty rate exceeds what percent of the population?