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War & Peace Quiz

Peace is one of Judaism's most revered concepts. And yet Jewish tradition assumes that war is inevitable. How much do you know about the Jewish ethics and laws of combat?

Question 1. According to the Talmud, what kind of consultations must be completed before a discretionary war of expansion?
 The Sanhedrin must be consulted
 The Urim V'Tumim (priestly breastplate) must be consulted
 The prophets must be consulted
 A & B only
 All of these


Question 2. When did the Israeli Supreme Court outlaw torture?
 Never; torture is not illegal in Israel


Question 3. Which Jewish scholar posited that members of Amalek could be welcomed as converts to Judaism?
 Sefer Hahinukh


Question 4. What kind of war does the Talmud prohibit?
 Nuclear war
 War with any nation other than Amalek
 War where the casualty rate will be more than one sixth of the population
 War where the casualty rate will be more than one tenth of the population


Question 5. In 1967 Israel fought a war that was
 6 hours long
 6 days long
 6 weeks long
 6 months long


Question 6. According to the Torah, what did Amalek do to deserve the scorn of the Israelites?
 They tried to assassinate Moses
 They attacked the weakest members of the Israelites
 They stole all of the Israelites' food
 They burnt down the First Temple


Question 7. Complete this quote from the Talmud: "If someone comes to kill you_________"
 Welcome him with open arms
 Get up early in the morning to kill him first
 Reason with him as best you can
 Save yourself by hiding from him


Question 8. The Talmud explicitly prohibits the waging of war in a situation where the casualty rate exceeds what percent of the population?


Question 9. According to Rabbi Simeon ben Gamliel, what three things preserve the world?
 War, peace, and the wisdom to know when to pursue each
 Peace, love, and harmony
 War, restraint, and patience
 Truth, justice, and peace


Question 10. According to Jewish law, when besieging a city the invading army must:
 Walk around the city while blowing shofars
 Allow the people inside to keep getting the animals they need for animal sacrifices
 Leave one side of the city open so people may flee
 Be sure to kill everyone inside, including all cattle and livestock