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War & Peace Quiz

Peace is one of Judaism's most revered concepts. And yet Jewish tradition assumes that war is inevitable. How much do you know about the Jewish ethics and laws of combat?

Question 1. According to Rabbi Joshua ben Korha, the concept of peace is in direct opposition to what?


Question 2. According to the Book of Samuel, the commandment to erase the nation of Amalek extends to
 Their cattle
 Their camels
 Their infants
 All of the above


Question 3. True or false: A great deal of Jewish law focuses on the issue of attacking non-combatants.


Question 4. According to the Torah, which is these people is NOT qualified for an exemption from battle?
 A teacher
 Someone who built a new house but did not yet dedicate it
 Someone who was engaged but not yet married
 Someone who was afraid


Question 5. Which of the following countries did not declare war on Israel after Israel was declared a state in 1948?


Question 6. In 1967 Israel fought a war that was
 6 hours long
 6 days long
 6 weeks long
 6 months long


Question 7. What were the Freedom Seders?
 Seders dedicated to the plight of Soviet Jewry
 Seders dedicated to fight racism and to protest the Vietnam War
 Seders dedicated to remembering the Holocaust
 Seders dedicated to the plight of Palestinians


Question 8. Which of these prayers concludes with an appeal for peace?
 The Amidah
 The Kaddish
 The Priestly Blessing
 The Grace After Meals
 All of these


Question 9. According to Rabbi Simeon ben Gamliel, what three things preserve the world?
 War, peace, and the wisdom to know when to pursue each
 Peace, love, and harmony
 War, restraint, and patience
 Truth, justice, and peace


Question 10. What kind of war does the Talmud prohibit?
 Nuclear war
 War with any nation other than Amalek
 War where the casualty rate will be more than one sixth of the population
 War where the casualty rate will be more than one tenth of the population