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Science & Judaism Quiz

The Bible and Talmud saw science and Jewish tradition as pathways to the same divine truth. But still, the two regularly come in conflict. How much do you know about the relationship between science and Judaism?

Question 1. What topics are covered in modern ethnographic studies of the Jewish community?
 The Habad movement
 Memorialization of the Holocaust
 Trends in Jewish practice
 All of these
 None of these


Question 2. Which of these Jews believed that religion was the "opium of the masses"?
 Abraham Isaac Kook
 Karl Marx
 Albert Einstein


Question 3. Who was Anna O?
 One of the first people to be treated by psychoanalysis
 Bertha Pappenheim
 A notable figure in the scene of Berlin's intellectual salons
 A patient of Sigmund Freud
 All of these


Question 4. True or false: The rabbis of the Talmud developed intricacies of Jewish law to deal with the phenomenon of intersex people.


Question 5. True or False: Carl Jung was Jewish.


Question 6. Which of these prominent social scientists was not Jewish?
 Sigmund Freud
 Claude Levi-Strauss
 Carl Jung
 Karl Marx


Question 7. Which of these talmudic theories is supported by modern science?
 Babies born in the eighth month cannot survive
 Lice do not reproduce sexually
 The human body has 248 joints and limbs
 All of these
 None of these