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Science & Judaism Quiz

The Bible and Talmud saw science and Jewish tradition as pathways to the same divine truth. But still, the two regularly come in conflict. How much do you know about the relationship between science and Judaism?

Question 1. True or false: Maimonides said that if a rabbi in the Talmud claims something that contradicts a known scientific fact, the Talmud's word must be trusted.


Question 2. Which Jewish thinker saw evolutionary theory as support for the Kabbalistic ideas of the unity of life?
 Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook
 Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
 Rabbi Yohanan


Question 3. True or false: The rabbis of the Talmud developed intricacies of Jewish law to deal with the phenomenon of intersex people.


Question 4. Which instrument was renown Jewish physicist Richard Feynman known for playing?


Question 5. True or false: In traditional Jewish thought, evolution is always rejected.


Question 6. In traditional Jewish law, who decides whether a person who is sick should eat on Yom Kippur?
 The person's doctor
 The person's rabbi
 The person him- or herself
 The person must always fast


Question 7. Who used the Jewish Bible in order to explore the division of labor in society?
 Franz Boas
 Sigmund Freud
 Claude Levi-Strauss
 Ruth Krulfeld
 Emile Durkheim