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Nature & the Environment Quiz

The environment impacts so many aspects of life, from the air we breathe to the water we drink. How much do you know about green issues in Jewish thought and practice?

Question 1. What is the name for the prohibition of unnecessary cruelty to animals?
 Tzaar baalei hayim
 Im tirzu ein zo agada
 Gam zu l'tova


Question 2. What is the Jewish attitude toward natural resources?
 Exercise reverential care
 Preserve so that they will be available for the apocalypse
 Their destruction is part of God's plan to teach His people a lesson
 Use them up because God will always provide more


Question 3. Contemporary Jewish thinkers have drawn on Jewish texts to address which of these issues?
 Sustainable development
 Genetic Engineering
 A & B only
 All of these


Question 4. Which of these traditions presents a challenge for Jewish families trying to balance traditional practice with environmental sensitivity?
 Shofar on Rosh Hashanah
 Matzah on Passover
 Bonfires on Lag Ba'Omer
 Tzitzit every day


Question 5. Rabbinic rabbis warned against spreading bits of what material in public land in order to prevent injury?
 Animal bones
 Leftover food
 Broken glass


Question 6. What does the Torah require of levitical cities?
 The cities had to contain fruit trees
 The cities had to compost organic waste
 The cities had to have up-to-date irrigation systems
 The cities had to be surrounded by pastures


Question 7. According to Genesis 1, what did God create on the sixth day?
 Both a & b