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Nature & the Environment Quiz

The environment impacts so many aspects of life, from the air we breathe to the water we drink. How much do you know about green issues in Jewish thought and practice?

Question 1. According to Genesis 1, what did God create on the sixth day?
 Both a & b


Question 2. Saadiah Gaon provided three possible reasons as to why God created animals. Which of these reasons is NOT one of his explanations.
 God willed it and it is not for humans to question God's will
 God created animals as a backup plan in case humans destroyed the earth
 God created animals to help reveal Gods vast wisdom to humans
 God created animals for human benefit


Question 3. According to Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, why did the Bible require that levitical cities be surrounded by green space?
 So that the citizens had a place to relax and play
 So that city residents could maintain a connection to agriculture
 In order to prevent air pollution
 In order to prevent overcrowding


Question 4. What is the Jewish attitude toward natural resources?
 Exercise reverential care
 Preserve so that they will be available for the apocalypse
 Their destruction is part of God's plan to teach His people a lesson
 Use them up because God will always provide more


Question 5. Which of these statements about shehita (the process of kosher slaughtering) is true?
 Jewish law wants the butcher to look in the eyes of the animals before he or she kills it
 Shehita is generally understood to cause less suffering to the animal than modes of slaughter that do not guarantee immediate death
 It is the cleanest and most efficient method of killing an animal
 The violence is quick and brutal, which is what is mandated by King David in the Book of Samuel


Question 6. In what book does the commandment to be fruitful and multiply the earth first appear?


Question 7. The word "jubilee" comes from the Hebrew word "yovel," meaning what?
 Ram's Horn