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Jews & Non-Jews Quiz

Today, Jews are in dialogue and cooperation with other religions, even rethinking the definitions of Jewishness and chosenness. But what do you know about the history of the relationship between Jews and non-Jews?

Question 1. Which of these common Jewish ideas about Christianity is actually true?
 "Christ" is Jesus' last name
 All Christians are anti-Semites
 The Christian day of worship was originally Saturday
 All of these
 None of these


Question 2. Why did rabbis in the Talmud often temper restrictive laws that separated Jews from non-Jews?
 Because they recognized that Jews could learn a lot from non-Jewish beliefs and practices
 Because the reality was that Jews and non-Jews were intermarrying, so they needed to make some concessions
 Because they began to redefine idolatry, and they stopped considering certain religions idolatrous
 Because they wanted to maintain positive relations with non-Jews, and avoid negative associations with Judaism


Question 3. True or false: Jewish tradition holds that a special covenant between God and Noah established moral precepts for non-Jews.


Question 4. In the United States, approximately how many people convert to Judaism each year?


Question 5. Who said "All those words of Jesus of Nazareth and of this Ishmaelite [Muhammad] who arose after him are only to make straight the path for the messianic king and to prepare the whole world to serve the Lord together"?
 Pope John Paul II
 Louis Farrakhan
 R. Shimon bar Yohai


Question 6. Which tractate of the Talmud specifically deals with the subject of non-Jewish worship practices?
 Avodah Zarah


Question 7. What was the name for the synthesis of Judaism with Greek ideas?
 Plato's Dialogues