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Jewish Gender & Feminism Quiz

Even as Jewish women have attained ritual and leadership opportunities formerly restricted to them, the history of female exclusion in Judaism continues to linger. How much do you know about gender issues in the Jewish past and present?

Question 1. True or false: Throughout Jewish history, only men had the obligation to say the Kaddish


Question 2. In 1975, the Reform movement introduced what concept in its new prayer book Gates of Prayer?
 Gender inclusive language
 God as a woman
 Including the names of the matriarchs along with those of the patriarchs in a central section of the prayers
 Annotated prayers with feminist analysis


Question 3. Which of these is a famous Orthodox feminist?
 Cynthia Ozick
 Blu Greenberg
 Judith Hauptman
 Judith Plaskow


Question 4. Which of these is not a para-rabbinic role assumed by women in the Modern Orthodox community?
 Advisor on the laws of ritual purity
 Advocate for women seeking a Jewish divorce
 Spiritual mentor in a synagogue


Question 5. Who said: "There is nothing more beautiful for a wife than sitting in the corner of her house"?
 Abraham Joshua Heschel
 Mordecai Kaplan


Question 6. When were the first synagogue sisterhoods founded by rabbis?


Question 7. Which of these is not an available source of information about Jewish women's lives in the Middle Ages?
 Responsa literature
 Betrothal and marriage contracts
 Women's published autobiographies
 Business correspondences
 Divorce contracts