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Jewish Gender & Feminism Quiz

Even as Jewish women have attained ritual and leadership opportunities formerly restricted to them, the history of female exclusion in Judaism continues to linger. How much do you know about gender issues in the Jewish past and present?

Question 1. Which of these is a famous Orthodox feminist?
 Cynthia Ozick
 Blu Greenberg
 Judith Hauptman
 Judith Plaskow


Question 2. Which of these exclusively female ceremonies receives fleeting mention in the Bible?
 Puberty rites (in Judges)
 Harvest dances (in Judges)
 Childbirth rituals (in Leviticus)
 All of these


Question 3. What was life like for Jewish women in the Middle Ages?
 In Muslim lands women tended to be more sheltered than in Christian areas
 In Christian lands women tended to be more sheltered than in Muslim areas
 In both Muslim and Christian lands Jewish women enjoyed tremendous upward mobility
 In both Muslim and Christian lands Jewish women lived circumscribed lives, but were allowed to initiate divorce


Question 4. Which holiday, according to legend, was a reward given to the women of Israel because they refused to surrender their jewelry for the creation of the Golden Calf?
 Rosh Chodesh
 Rosh Hashanah
 Tu Bishvat


Question 5. Who sparked Second Wave feminism with the 1963 publication of The Feminine Mystique?
 Judy Chicago
 Betty Friedan
 Alix Kates Shulman
 Alice Wolfson


Question 6. Which of these is not an available source of information about Jewish women's lives in the Middle Ages?
 Responsa literature
 Betrothal and marriage contracts
 Women's published autobiographies
 Business correspondences
 Divorce contracts


Question 7. Who said: "There is nothing more beautiful for a wife than sitting in the corner of her house"?
 Abraham Joshua Heschel
 Mordecai Kaplan