Jewish Ethics Quiz

Judaism has a lot to say about ethics. How can we be responsible businesspeople? What constitutes talking about someone (and is it ever good to)? How can we be mentsches — and what is a mentsch, anyway?

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Qustion 1. Implicit in the concept of tikkun olam is what understanding?

The world is a good place, full of people who are, deep down, good The world is broken and needs to be fixed Fixing the world is the job of the world's leaders Social justice work is the way to end all wars

Qustion 2. According to Proverbs 18:21, both death and life are in the hands of what?

God Torah The tongue Freedom of speech

Qustion 3. According to the Talmud, what is the punishment for slander?

Lashes Imprisonment A fine None of the above

Qustion 4. When is it permitted to pass on negative comments?

When you hear that someone is a bad businessperson and you know that it's true When you hear that someone is not welcoming to strangers When a friend is accused of putting a stumbling block before a blind person When a friend who you know is honest is accused of being dishonest, and you want to warn him

Qustion 5. According to Jewish law, when can vows be nullified?

When they are broken On Purim at the end of the Fast of Esther On Passover at the seder On Yom Kippur at Kol Nidre

Qustion 6. If you see your friend being rude to the barista at Starbucks, and then go and tell another friend about it, that constitutes:

Slander Libel Lashon ha-ra (talebearing) None of the above

Qustion 7. Which scholar is known for his seminal work on lashon ha-ra?

Hafetz Hayim Maimonides Gersonides Rabbenu Nissim

Qustion 8. Which of these is a fundamental principle of Jewish business ethics?

"Let the buyer beware" "The law of the land is the law" "If you can't take the heat, keep out of the kitchen" "You break it, you bought it"

Qustion 9. According to Maimonides, to whom is a Jew forbidden to sell weapons of war?

Women Heathens Non-Jews All of the above. None of the above.

Qustion 10. True or false: Jewish ethics demand that we be scrupulous in paying taxes.

True False
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