Afterlife & Messiah Quiz

The immortality of the soul, the World to Come, the resurrection of the dead, and the Messianic age are all part of Jewish tradition. How much do you know about this area of Jewish belief?

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Qustion 1. According to Isaac Luria's theology, what will bring the Messiah?

Tikkun olam (the healing of the world) Intense prayer and meditation Effective communication Ascetic living

Qustion 2. According to Maimonides, why should someone study Torah and perform its commandments?

For the sake of the commandments themselves Because of the eventual reward In order to praise God In order to skip time in Gehinnom

Qustion 3. How is the Messiah described in the Talmud?

As a beggar sitting at the gates of Rome, waiting for the Jews to repent As a political figure with military strength As a being with supernatural abilities All of the above

Qustion 4. How did Jacob Frank and his followers refer to God?

The Holy One, Blessed Be He The King of Kings Big Brother The Name

Qustion 5. Where does the idea of a political or military redeemer come from?

Genesis Deuteronomy Samuel The Later Prophets

Qustion 6. In Jewish belief, which of these is not a possibility?

The soul separates from the body The soul goes straight to heaven The soul makes a stop in hell (Gehinnom) to purge itself of sins The soul transmutes into the World to Come

Qustion 7. What does mashiah, the Hebrew word for "messiah," literally mean?

Redeemer The Chosen Anointed One Inner Peace

Qustion 8. Which of the blessings in the Amidah testifies to the belief in the Messiah?

The blessing "Avot," for the forefathers The blessing "Shield of Abraham," for the Chosen one The blessing "Gevurot," for God's "mightiness" in reviving the dead The blessing "Rofei," for healing the pain of death

Qustion 9. True or false: The mystic Abraham Abulafia didn't just try to bring the Messiah, he tried to become the Messiah.

True False

Qustion 10. Which of these is NOT an example of modern messianism?

Some Chabad Lubavitchers' beliefs about Menachem Mendel Schneerson Religious Zionist ideals Radical socialism Hasidism
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