Jewish Spirituality

Renewing Jewish expression, belief, and practice--in ways traditional and new.

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Like Abraham & Moses
Jewish spirituality of aging

Celebrating Aging
A new Jewish ritual


Work & Money

Work As Spiritual Practice
Jewish values in the "real world" of business

Balancing Work & Family
Judaism insists family must come first

Work as Calling
Our jobs can help set the world right

Judaism's Encounter With Greed
Humans are only stewards of wealth



A Spiritual Orientation
An extra measure of soulfulness

Friday Night at Home
Sharing Shabbat with friends and family

How to Bring in Shabbat
A multimedia presentation

Enjoyment & Spiritual Fulfillment
Creative activity is set aside

A Sanctuary in Time
An excerpt from Heschel's The Sabbath

Sabbath Meditation
The joy and peace of Shabbat

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