Jewish Spirituality

Renewing Jewish expression, belief, and practice--in ways traditional and new.

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No Food Before Helping Those In Need
The relationship between giving and taking

Vegetarianism: Kashrut for Our Age
Vegetarianism as a mitzvah

Food & Awareness
Eating in holiness and purity

I Am What I Eat
A personal perspective on keeping kosher



Buber's I & Thou
An excerpt from the classic work of theology

Making It Holy
Love and sex

Marriage & God
The third member of the partnership

Marriage & Community
A couple's new responsibilities



When She Arrives
Creativity vs. tradition in welcoming baby girls

A Difficult Rite
The meaning of circumcision

Why the Covenant?
Welcoming children into the community



D'var Torah as Religious Struggle
Finding meaning in a bar/bat mitzvah speech

Leaving for College
The "Chai" Ceremony

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