Havdalah: Taking Leave of Shabbat

We say goodbye to the Sabbath in a bittersweet ceremony that employs wine, fragrance, and candlelight.

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A good week, a week of peace, may gladness reign and joy increase. (repeat twice)

Eliahu ha-navi, Eliahu ha-Tishbi, Eliahu ha-Giladi. Bimheira v'yameinu yavo eleinu, im mashiach ben David.

Miriam ha-Nevi'a, oz v'zimra b'yadah. Miriam tirkod itanu l'hagdil zimrat olam. Miriam tirkod itanu l'taken et ha-olam. Bimheira v'yameinu, hee t'vi'einu el mei ha-y'shua. El mei ha-y'shua.

May Elijah the Prophet come to us, heralding the Messiah, soon and in our days!

Miriam the Prophetess, strength and song in her hand, will dance with us to repair the world. Soon, and in our days, may she bring us to the waters of redemption!

(The Miriam verse was written by Rabbi Leila Gal Berner.)

Finally we wish each other a happy, healthy week--"Shavua tov!"--and the lights are turned on. Shabbat has ended.

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Susan Silverman

Rabbi Susan Silverman lives with her family on Kibbutz Ketura. She is the co-author, with her husband, Yosef Abramowitz, of Jewish Family & Life, Traditions, Holidays and Values for Today's Parents and Children. She is currently at work on a memoir and theology of adoption called Blessed Are They Who Dwell in Your House.