Kosher Fish List

A guide to choosing a kosher fish.

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Tautog See Wrasses

Temperate basses Includes giant California sea bass,striped bass or rockfish, yellow bass, white bass, and white perch 

Tench See Carps

Tenpounder See Ladyfish

Threadfins Includes barbu, blue bobo, and moi

Tilapia See Cichlids

Tilefish Includes ocean whitefish

Tomcod See Codfish

Tomtate See Grunts

Tomsmelt See Silversides


Trouts and whitefish

Atlantic salmon
Chinook, king or spring salmon
Chum, dog or fall salmon
Coho or silver salmon
Pacific salmons
Pink or humpback salmon
Sockeye, blueback or red salmon 


Arctic char
Brook trout
Brown trout, rainbow trout or steelhead
Cutthroat trout, golden trout
Dolly Varden
Lake trout

Whitefish and ciscos

Cisco or lake herring



Tuna See Mackerels

Turbot (some species) See Flounder

Unicornfish See Surgeonfish

Wahoo See Mackerels

Walleye See Perches

Walleye pollock See Codfish

Warmouth See Sunfish

Weakfish See Drums

Whitefish See Tilefish and Trouts

Whiting See: Codfish, Drums, and Hakes


California sheephead or redfish
Cunner, chogset, or bergall
Tautog or blackfish 

Yellowtail See Jacks

Yellowtail snapper See Snappers

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