Maimonides' Eight Levels: A Comtemporary Reading

Jeff Spitzer mines Maimonides' 8 levels of Tzedakah for guidance on contemporary issues in tzedakah.

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Hire Counterintuitively

We can also hire people to work within our organizations. The conventional wisdom is that people are more likely to hire people who are already employed. Still, if we are in the position to hire, that may not be the best approach. After a period of significant downsizing, many highly talented people will be looking for work. They may have used the time while unemployed to expand or hone their skill sets, and they may be outstanding job candidates.

Also, we can give a second look to the applications of people who are new to the workforce or who are emerging from public assistance. Establishing mentoring programs to train new employees can leverage that investment and increase the probability of having hired an energetic and loyal employee. Equitable and enlightened hiring practices can generate valuable good will, and an employee who is grateful for having been given a chance may be more invested in doing a good job.

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Jeffrey Spitzer is Chair of the Department of Talmud and Rabbinics at Gann Academy, The New Jewish High School, Waltham, Mass., and a member of the Institute's Tichon Fellows Program.