Leadership: The Jewish Take

What are the characteristics of a good leader?

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- Have the proven ability to see beyond their own agenda, and their own time?

- Empower others and identify future leaders with a similar commitment to serving?

As we contemplate our choices in this and subsequent elections--indeed, as we consider the leadership of our communal institutions, congregations, and businesses--Judaism challenges us to answer these questions, and to keep in mind that how a person leads is at least as much a “Jewish issue” as the policies he or she espouses.

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Dr. Hal M. Lewis

Dr. Hal M. Lewis is the Dean of Continuing Education & Associate Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies at Spertus College in Chicago. Prior to joining Spertus, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Columbus Jewish Federation. He is the author of The Models and Meanings in the History of Jewish Leadership (Edwin Mellen), and From Sanctuary to Boardroom: A Jewish Approach to Leadership (Rowman and Littlefield).