Introducing MJL’s Monthly Recipes E-letter

As Daniel mentioned in this post a couple of weeks ago, renowned chef Adeena Sussman has launched a kosher food column on MJL:

The latest installment of Adeena Sussman’s MJL food column “The Inspired Kitchen� is now available. The newest recipe: Schnitzel (Israeli chicken cutlets) — with a spicy kick.

Want a vegetarian alternative? Well, there’s always Morningstar Farms Chik Patties. Chikin frikin good!

 (looking back at that post, I think that Daniel should never, ever use the phrase “chikin frikin good” again in writing)

We’re now making Adeena’s column available by e-mail in our Monthly Recipes E-letter. If you’d like to subscribe to this e-letter, or any of our other subject-based e-letters, click on “Register” (if you’re not signed into the site) or Edit Profile (if you’re already signed in), and check the “Recipes” e-letter box, and click “Update Profile.”


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