Sex & Sexuality

sexual pleasure

Sexual Pleasure

We often think of religious authorities as prudish, striving to repress all sexual enjoyment. This is not always the case in Judaism, however, as you can see in these traditional texts.

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Sex in the Torah

Sex & Sexuality 101

Sex & Sexuality 101

Judaism has an overwhelmingly positive attitude toward sex and sexuality.

Jewish Approaches

Jewish tradition looks favorably on sex and sexuality, given certain conditions.

Sexual Pleasure

Some classical Jewish statements about sex might surprise you.


In Judaism, adultery is considered one of the most grievous sins.


The Bible prohibits sex between a man and a menstruating woman.




The sources of Judaism's traditional position on homosexuality and gay issues are well known.

Homosexuality and Halakhah

Traditional sources on homosexuality.


The Torah does not address lesbianism, but later rabbinic commentators frowned upon it.

Choice and Jewish Law

If homosexuality is not chosen, then there is precedent in Jewish law for condoning it.

In Orthodoxy

Recently, organized efforts have been made to confront the conflicts between homosexuality and traditional Jewish life.

Premarital Sex

Premarital Sex

Premarital Sex

Judaism's attitude toward premarital sex is intriguing.

Modern Rabbinic Views

A selection of statements from rabbis of various denominations.

New Possibilities

Rethinking our categories of sexual relationships in light of the reality of sex outside marriage.

Sex Outside Marriage

Non-marital sex is not ideal, but that doesn't mean Judaism has nothing to say about it.

Traditional Sources

Including some surprising teachings about concubines.

Modern Insights

Love & Sex

Love & Sex

Jewish tradition embraces love and sex as part of the human drive for holiness.


Though traditional Judaism frowns upon male masturbation, today there may be reasons to be more permissive.

Why our Orthodox Synagogue Hosted an LGBT Training Institute

Taking a note from Abrahamís open tent policy.

When the Rabbi Finds Your Vibrator

My rabbi came to my daughter's baby naming, but I really wish he stayed out of my nightstand.

Sex, Violence, and Shades of Grey

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy might be helping some women get in touch with their sexuality.

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