Multiracial Jewish Families

Increasingly, Jewish families are adopting non-white babies.

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For the Wolff family, it has meant seeking out relationships with African-American men in particular and making an effort to find "models of color" for Ari. 

It has also meant creating "Kwaanzukkah," a blend of Hanukkah and the African-American holiday Kwanzaa, which they celebrate together with friends. 

In the end, Ari had a fine time at summer camp last year. The race issue didn't come up at all, as far as his mother knows, though as she sewed name tags into his underpants before he left, they role-played possible responses to people's questions. 

Ari had such a good time that this year, he's going back.

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Debra Nussbaum Cohen

Debra Nussbaum Cohen is a staff writer for The Jewish Week.