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    Jeremiah Lockwood

    Son of composer Larry Lockwood and the grandson of the legendary Cantor Jacob Konigsberg, Jeremiah Lockwood began his musical career playing his guitar and singing on the streets of Manhattan.
    Jeremiah has worked for years as the front man and composer for The Sway Machinery, a blues/world beat/Cantorial music ensemble.

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      What Is a Cantor?

      Jeremiah Lockwood tells (and demonstrates) the duty and power of a cantor during the synagogue service.

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      Jeremiah Lockwood Sings Hineni

      One of the most fiercely moving parts of Jewish High Holy Day services.

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      What Is a Shofar?

      Jeremiah Lockwood shows how to blow the ram's horn for Rosh Hashanah.

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      What Is Jewish Music?

      Jeremiah Lockwood of the Sway Machinery explains the history and confusion behind Jewish music.

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