Articles By Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis

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    Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis

    Geoffrey Dennis is rabbi of Congregation Kol Ami in Flower Mound, TX. He is also lecturer in Kabbalah and rabbinic literature at the University of North Texas.

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      Witches & Witchcraft

      Throughout much of Jewish history, witchcraft has been viewed as a vice that virtually every woman will indulge in.

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      Judaism & Numbers

      Jewish tradition values some numbers more than others.

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      Urim and Tummim

      This method of Jewish divination is traced back to the priestly garments.

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      Throughout history, Jews have been suspicious of manticism and clairvoyance, while still practicing many diviner's arts.

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      Jewish Healing & Magic

      "Whatever is effective as a remedy is not witchcraft (Shabbat 67a)"--is that really the case?

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      Incantations, Spells, & Adjurations

      Some traditional Jewish sources indicate belief in the efficacy of spells.

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      Jewish Exorcism

      Jews have developed complex plans for coaxing evil spirits out of those who are possessed.

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      Jewish Curses

      In Jewish thought and texts, curses exemplify the belief that speech can have tremendous power.

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