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    Blu Greenberg

    Blu Greenberg is the founding president of JOFA, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance. She was also the Conference Chair of both the first and second International Conference on Feminism and Orthodoxy. She is the author of Black Bread: Poems After the Holocaust, How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household, and On Women and Judaism: A View From Tradition.

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      Divorce in the Bible

      Biblical divorce law provided some protection for women by setting limits on a man's absolute power to divorce.

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      A mezuzah declares: the people who dwell here live Jewish lives.

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      Shopping for Kosher Food

      Blu Greenberg on shopping for kosher processed foods, including issues of breads, cheeses, wines.

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      Rabbinic and Post-Rabbinic Divorce

      Over time the rabbis increased the wife's power in a marriage, yet maintained the absolute right of the husband to grant a divorce.

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      Betty Friedan

      An Appreciation.

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      Orthodox Feminism For The 21st Century

      A founder of the Orthodox feminist movement discusses issues confronting the movement now and in the future

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      Writing & Delivering the Get

      Writing and delivering the get (bill of divorce) is a complicated process requiring experts in Jewish divorce law.

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      The Deepest Response of Love

      Why Aaron was silent in the wake of his sons' death.

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      Halakha and Feminism

      Traditional Judaism can--and should--embrace feminism to allow for greater equality in Jewish religious life.

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      Eruv & Women

      The construction of an eruv in most traditional communities may be a response to the needs of women.

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