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    Dr. David S. Ariel

    Dr. David S. Ariel is head of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. He was previously president of Siegal College of Judaic Studies (formerly the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies). He is author of Spiritual Judaism: Restoring Heart and Soul to Jewish Life and The Mystic Quest: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism.

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      Mystical Shabbat

      The masters of Kabbalah explained all of the elements of the Sabbath rituals as a consistent thematic drama of the reunion of the Shekhinah the Sabbath bride, with her mate--and in so doing exerted considerable influence on the shape of those rituals.

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      The Messianic Age in Judaism

      Jewish text offers glimpses into the time of the Messiah.

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      Mitzvot & Jewish Mystics

      "Unitive" and "restorative" impulses propel the religious life of the Jewish mystic.

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      Modern Jewish Messianism

      Jewish messianism has been repeatedly reinterpreted in the modern era.

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      The Kabbalistic Conception of God

      The medieval mystics made a distinction between the infinite, unknowable God and God's revealed aspects.

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      Chosen People: Some Modern Views

      While some modern Jews have rejected the notion of chosenness altogether, others have reinterpreted it as an ethical mission or a national spirit.

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      God the Creator

      Unlike the creation stories of other Near Eastern cultures, the biblical creation story is not concerned with God's origins.

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      Prayer in Medieval Jewish Mysticism

      The masters of Kabbalah ascribed radically new meaning and importance to traditional practices of prayer.

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