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    Dvora Weisberg

    Dvora Weisberg is Associate Professor of Rabbinics and Director of the Beit Midrash at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles.

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      Through Weakness And Strength

      In times of success and prosperity we must remember those who have assisted us in the past.

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      Overcoming Envy

      Esau and Jacob are able to reconcile only when each is secure in his achievements.

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      Preserving The Covenant

      Incentives to keep the covenant are directed at Israel because of Israel's power, through its behavior, to break the covenant.

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      Strength In Numbers

      The commandment to gather every seven years for a communal Torah reading reinforces the spirit of unity and commitment among the people.

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      The Challenge Of Changing

      Despite Jacob's negative experiences with favoritism, he repeats this trait in his own family and home.

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      Protecting The Sacredness Of Life

      The laws of the Cities of Refuge emphasize the sacredness and infinite value of every human life.

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      Strengthening Bonds

      We draw closer to God as the month of Tishrei draws to a close.

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      Private And Communal Judaism

      Despite the occasional need for private expressions of Judaism, we must remember our connection to the larger public community.

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      Renewing Love

      Loving God, like loving people, requires the commitment of our intellect, emotions, and actions.

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      Together But Separate

      Adam and Eve's original relationship in which they were together as one flesh yet still distinct provides us with an ideal model.

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