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    Rabbi David Nelson

    Rabbi David Nelson's rabbinic experience includes five years in a small congregation, fifteen years at CLAL, a think-tank and center for leadership education, five years in a community center, and three years as the primary writer and teacher for the Reform Movement's Israel organization. He is now the campus rabbi and faculty member in Religion at Bard College in upstate New York.

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      Flooded With Violence

      Noah's response to the flood indicates that violence is an ingrained aspect to human nature that must be acknowledged and channeled for good.

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      The Nazirite--A Sacred Volunteer

      The nazirite exemplifies actively choosing a sacred status with a higher level of responsibility.

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      All-Inclusive Covenant

      Moses tells the Children of Israel that the covenant includes all of them, including the pious and faithful as well as the rebellious and confused.

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      Making Halloween Jewish

      Transforming the October holiday into a Jewish celebration.

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