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    Rabbi Shimon Felix

    Rabbi Shimon Felix is the Israel Director of the Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel. He lives with his family in Jerusalem, and has taught in a wide variety of educational frameworks in Israel and abroad.

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      The Miraculous Nature Of Covenant

      God's covenant with Noah showed him and us the possibility of transforming the human condition of loneliness into the miracle of connection.

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      Only a passionate zealous act can respond adequately to sins and crimes of passion.

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      The Sanctity Of Elemental Relationships

      The juxtaposition of laws about the high priest on Yom Kippur, forbidden sexual relationships and laws about blood teach the sanctity of basic parts of life.

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      From The Margins

      Jethro's position at the margin of the Jewish people allowed him to understand how to make the Torah work for a multiplicity of people with a multiplicity of views.

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      Interpreting From The Outside

      Joseph's status as an outsider, and the outsider status of the Jewish people, allow for critical insight into the deeper truths of the surrounding people and nations.

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      Models Of Leadership

      Moshe and God each instruct Joshua according to the different models of leadership each embodies.

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      Leaving Childhood Behind

      The specific complaints of the Israelites in the wilderness illustrate their inability to develop mature, adult relationships.

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      The Fine Distinction Between Loving and Casual Relationships

      The small aleph in the opening word of Vayikra alerts us to the subtle but significant differences between intentional, loving relationships with God, and accidental, casual ones.

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      Becoming A Leader

      Before God calls on Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery, Moses develops his leadership skills and his ability to see beyond narrow struggles and his role as liberator.

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      Naming Noah

      Noah's father saw in him the possibility for greatness.

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