Articles By Rabbi Jordan D. Cohen

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    Rabbi Jordan D. Cohen

    Jordan D. Cohen is the rabbi of Temple Anshe Sholom in Hamilton, Ontario. Previously, he worked as Associate Director of KOLEL - The Adult Centre for Liberal Jewish Learning in Toronto, Canada. Prior to his return to Canada, Rabbi Cohen served as Rabbi of the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong, and Associate Rabbi of the North Shore Temple Emanuel in Sydney, Australia.

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      Words Of Admonition

      Moses, finally, at the end of his life, able to transition from a man of action to a man of words, rebukes the Israelites, who are receptive to his criticisms.

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      Give And Take

      The fundraising campaign to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle) teaches us that in true Tzedakah, the giver benefits as much as the taker.

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      Highest Standards

      Because of his position of leadership, Moses is judged extremely harshly when he sins.

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      Rebekah's Spiritual Crisis

      Like Rebekah, we should turn toward God, not away, in our moments of spiritual crisis.

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      Graced With Food

      By blessing after we eat, we elevate the act of eating by connecting with God, the source of our sustenance, and with our cultural history.

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      Clothes Make The Person

      The emphasis on the priestly clothes teaches us the importance of bringing honor and splendor to God and the commandments.

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      Leading By Example

      In identifying Moses' successor, God emphasizes that inspiration, not passion or popularity, makes a successful leader.

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      Jacob's Covenant with God

      Jacob's covenant with God teaches us that our relationships with God must not be conditional, but rather should be built on trust.

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      Sensitivity To Speech

      Rabbinic interpreters regarded leprosy as punishment for the sin of careless speech.

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      Holy Words

      The laws of vows and the rabbinic cautions against making them teach the holiness and power of the spoken word.

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