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    Judith Hauptman

    Judith Hauptman is a professor of Talmud at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. A popular lecturer on Judaism and feminism, she is the author of Rereading the Rabbis: A Woman's Voice.

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      Special Issues in Mourning

      The Jewish tradition explains how converts are to mourn, whether a wedding should be postponed, and the kohen's delimited relationship to the dead.

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      The role of the wife of Rabbi Nahman in the Babylonian Talmud.

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      Themes in Death and Mourning

      Though traditional sources on the laws of mourning are quite detailed and specific, an acquaintance with this legal literature reveals a number of overarching themes and principles.

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      Special Issues in Kaddish

      Study in honor of dead; women reciting Kaddish; Kaddish integrating mourners into communities; and hiring someone to say Kaddish.

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      Who Mourns for Whom?

      Jewish law details which family relationships require traditional mourning practices.

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      Sheloshim, the First 30 Days of Mourning

      Following shiva, the sheloshim period of less intensive mourning lasts until the 30th day after the funeral.

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      The Graveside Service

      Mourners, friends, and relatives accompany the deceased to the grave and help with the burial.

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      A Year of Mourning for Parents

      Jews are commanded to honor their parents while they are alive and to continue to show respect when they die--by mourning for nearly a year.

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