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    Norman Roth is a professor of Jewish History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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      Jewish Education in Christian Countries

      Jewish boys in Christian countries studied Jewish texts from an early age.

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      Jewish Moneylending

      The profitable money business between Jews and Christians often became tense.

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      Jews and "The Church"

      Scholar Norman Roth questions whether the idea of the medieval Church makes sense as a category of analysis for Jewish history.

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      Medieval Jewish-Christian Relations

      Daily relations between Christians and Jews in the Middle Ages.

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      Jewish Clothing in the Middle Ages

      For the most part, Jews dressed like their neighbors. But some trends were outlawed by rabbis.

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      The Almohads

      The seizure of power in the Maghreb by a fanatical sect disrupted the relations between Muslims and Jews.

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      Jews in Poland

      Medieval Jews found religious tolerance and economic opportunity in Poland

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      Jewish Hats

      Manuscript illustrations, family seals, and rabbinic decisions all indicate that Jewish men in most of medieval Christian Europe wore special hats.

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      The Church and the Jews

      A survey of Church issues relevant to Jews, including papal attitudes and actions and the enactments of ecclesiastical councils

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      Jewish Education in Muslim Lands

      In Muslim countries, Jewish boys learned the whole range of Jewish and secular subjects.

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