Articles By Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut

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    Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut

    W. Gunther Plaut (1912-2012) was a leading figure in modern Reform Judaism. He was rabbi emeritus and senior scholar at Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto, Canada. Rabbi Plaut is the author of numerous books including The Torah: A Modern Commentary and The Haftarah Commentary.

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      Book of Numbers

      The harsh environment of the wilderness lead to Israel's spiritual development as a nation.

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      Leviticus 19

      This climactic chapter emphasizes the obligation to be holy in our dealings with our fellow human beings.

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      Zechariah's Message

      A messianic vision.

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      Ezekiel's Vision

      Understanding the prophet's experience

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      Joshua & His Time

      A short biography.

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      The Latter Prophets

      The literary prophets had a difficult and often unpopular mission.

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      The Book of Exodus

      The book of Exodus tells the tale of Israel's liberation and birth, and of the beginning of God's covenanted nation.

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      Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi: Back in the Land

      These three prophets are principally concerned with the status of the Temple, the new religious hierarchy, and the religious obligations of the post-exilic community.

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      Korah was punished for his rebellion, but his questioning of the need for human rulers has remained a living issue for later generations to contemplate.

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      Shabbat As Protest

      Observing Shabbat is an antidote to the stresses of daily life.

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