Articles By Rabbi Maurice Lamm

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    Rabbi Maurice Lamm

    Maurice Lamm is the author of many books, including The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning. He is the president of the National Institute for Jewish Hospice, and Professor at Yeshiva University's Rabbinical Seminary in New York, where he holds the chair in Professional Rabbinics. For years he served as rabbi of Beth Jacob Congregation, Beverly Hills, CA.

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      Marriage & Community

      In entering into marriage, a couple takes on new responsibilities for the Jewish community and its future.

    • MJL Author Article 11

      The Beit Din (Rabbinic Court)

      Final authority for conversion rests with the three-person beit din, which rules on a candidate's sincerity, knowledge, and potential for success as a Jew.

    • MJL Author Article 12

      How Not to Comfort Mourners

      Compassionate thoughts sometimes lead to insensitive comments.

    • MJL Author Article 13

      Choosing a Hebrew Name

      As with a literal newborn, the convert as a spiritual newborn selects a Hebrew name and adopts Abraham and Sarah as spiritual parents.

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