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    Dr. David Kraemer

    Dr. David Kraemer is Professor of Talmud and Rabbinics at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is a Senior CLAL Associate at the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.

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      Disputes that Unite

      A lesson from the Talmud for today's Jewish community.

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      Medieval Jewish Responses to Suffering & Evil

      The philosophers and mystics of the Middle Ages suggested an array of solutions to the problem of suffering.

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      Dramatizing the Torah

      The Torah reading in most synagogues is inaccessible, the author says, and needs to be "livened up" through the use of drama and performance art.

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      Torah and Diaspora

      A covenant for Jewish survival

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      Revering Rebekah

      Rebekah provides a model of a powerful Biblical woman who asserted her independence and her control over the future of the covenant.

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