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    Matthue Roth

    Matthue Roth created Jewniverse. He also co-created G-dcast, the animated Torah film series. His most recent book is My First Kafka, a picture book for children. He's also the author of the memoir Yom Kippur a Go-Go and three novels. He lives in Brooklyn with his family, and he keeps a secret diary at

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      The Goldbergs

      At one point, America's favorite family was a Jewish immigrant and her children.

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      Albert Einstein

      The man whose name is synonymous with genius, but whose real interest was in the unknowable.

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      Lag Ba'Omer in Meron

      The final resting place of Shimon bar Yohai is a source of blessings for many.

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      The Three Weeks

      The destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem is commemorated with a period of mourning.

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      Maurice Sendak

      From monsters under the bed to the horrors of the Holocaust, the artist and author knows his way around a child's brain.

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      Harry Houdini

      The world's most famous magician mastered the art of escape.

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      Will Eisner

      Moving beyond superheroes to tell his people's story.

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      Franz Kafka

      The 20th century's realest surrealist.

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      Was Noah Really Righteous

      Parashat Noah by G-dcast

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      A protector, avenger, and warrior angel of God's will.

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