Israel's Vibrant Jewish Ethnic Mix

Just because Israel is a Jewish country doesn't mean all Jews are the same.

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The future of Israel has always depended on immigrants' ability to integrate into a vibrant and changing society. The "Israeli" is a relatively new creation, and many immigrants embrace the ideals of physical vitality, commitment to the land and to the Jewish people, and the unique mix of toughness and sweetness that has come to define the country.

While a visitor to the market in 1956 might be able to tell where someone was from by his accent, today's young Israelis often don't have a Sephardic accent or an Ashkenazic accent. Now in the 21st century, what unites Israelis is not where their parents came from, but where they now live--one of the most diverse tiny countries in the history of the earth.

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Aviya Kushner

Aviya Kushner is a Lecturer of Creative Writing at Columbia College of Chicago. She is the author of And There Was Evening, And There Was Morning.