African Hebrew Israelites

American black community finds spiritual home in the Negev.

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Their struggle for acceptance behind them, the African Hebrews continue to look at the challenges ahead. "Ever onward and upward," says Prince Rockameem, 74, one of the founding pioneers. "If you're coasting, you're going downhill!"

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John L. Jackson Jr.

John L. Jackson, Jr. is the Richard Perry University Associate Professor of Communication and Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He is an anthropologist and filmmaker currently working on a research project about global black/African Hebrewism.

Ahmadiel Ben Yehuda is a spokesperson and historian for the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. Born and raised in Washington, DC, he has lived in Dimona since 1978. He is also executive director of the African/Edenic Heritage Museum's "Exploring the African Presence in the Promised Land," an exhibition documenting Hebrewisms and other connections of Africans to Israel.