Israeli Politics

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israel today quizThe president of Israel is a largely ceremonial role. As head of state, the president participates in ceremonies and serves as Israel's representative both in Israel and abroad. The president is elected by the Knesset for a single term of seven years.

The third branch of the government is the judiciary branch, which consists of courts and tribunals and a Supreme Court. While the State of Israel does not have a constitution, it does have a series of "Basic Laws," which function in a similar matter to constitutional laws.

The press has been considered by some to be the "fourth branch" of the government of Israel.

The number of daily newspapers sold in Israel is the highest per-capita in the world. About a dozen independent newspapers in several languages--Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, and others--are published daily, in addition to several weeklies. The airwaves are also full of hourly news radio broadcasts and two Israeli TV channels, plus cable television that brings in channels from all over the world. While news is subject to a military censor, the news outlets in Israel are independent, serving as a check to governmental power.

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