Ariel Sharon: A Biography

From military hawk to political pragmatist

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On November 21, 2005, Sharon announced that he was withdrawing from the Likud to found a new party, "National Responsibility," later renamed the Kadima Party, (meaning "forward.") Sharon's new party was slated to win a decisive victory according to pollsters. However, after suffering a minor cerebrovascular accident, Sharon suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke on January 4, 2006, leaving the Israeli political scene in an upheaval. He lived in a state of minimal consciousness for the last eight years of his life.

During Sharon's time in office, several investigations produced evidence of enormous corruption in Sharon's political and business dealings and those of his sons, including bribes of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but these rumors and reports were only a minor determinant of Sharon's status in the eyes of the Israeli public and the world. No legal actions were brought against Sharon.

Ariel Sharon was twice widowed. His first wife, Margalit, was killed in an automobile accident. His second wife, Lily, died of lung cancer in 2000. He had two surviving sons, Omri and Gilad. A third son, Gur, died in 1967.

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Ami Isseroff

Ami Isseroff is a web journalist and director of MidEastWeb for Coexistence. He lives in Rehovot, Israel.