Passing Before God

Deepening our relationship with God reminds us of our smallness, our greatness, and the chance to be better.

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Still, such feelings should not be exaggerated; they are part, but only part, of the relationship. God's chastening presence is only an expression of God's love. Thus in our moments of deepest understanding we realize that the awareness of our faults is for our growth, and that remorse arises within us to cleanse us and prepare us for living a deeper life. We should not therefore be afraid.

(c) 2004. Reprinted with permission from The Eternal Journey: Meditations on the Jewish Year, published by Aviv Press.

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Jonathan Wittenberg

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg serves as rabbi of New North London Synagogue. His other publications include Three Pillars of Judaism: A Search for Faith and Values and The Laws of Life: A Guide to Traditional Jewish Practice at Times of Bereavement.