Tashlikh (Tashlich) Enhanced

A way to infuse this Rosh Hashanah ritual with extra meaning.

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-Put people in groups of four so that everyone has a beit din (court of three).

-Have each person brainstorm list of all her "shoulds" and "have tos," everything she is committed to.

-Have each person choose two words that represent things from her list she wants to get rid of and things she feels good about that she chooses to do with her free will and write each on an index card. Have each person put one in each hand (or pocket).

-As people go down to the water, encourage them to focus on balance and release.

-Down at the water, people get into their groups of four. One person in each group is given a bottle of water. The person whose card is being washed says whatever they want about the word on the card and gives it over to be held and poured on. Repeat four times. When everyone in the group is done join the big circle and sing the niggunagain.

-In the big group people will bring their "keep cards" and put them in the middle face up and take a challah roll from the middle. When everyone has done this, make a blessing together over the challah and honey. Say: "May it be that by honoring our will we honor Your will.

Closing the Ritual

Combine any or all of the following elements for your closing ritual:

-Shofar blowing

-Closing song

-Going around the circle and answering a question about the meaning of Tashlikh for each individual

-Reading a poem, blessing, or other reading (Marge Piercy's poem "Coming Up On September," found on page 291 of the Reconstructionist machzor Kol haNeshamah, is a good choice)

-Taking turns stating personal commitments for the coming year to take action around women's and girls' rights an d resources, women's advancement, etc.

-Apples and Honey

-Bring apples and honey and invite everyone to share in the sweetness of the new year.

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