The Shofar as Prayer

Lessons from tradition about the meaning of the shofar

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This is like a kingdom in which all legal matters were judged by the king with the help of a panel of judges. On occasion, the king overruled the judges, saying, "I know the law, but this case, because it is pitiful, is an exception." Once, the prince himself presented a legal matter before the judges. His father ruled in his favor, and the judges added, "In this case we rule that whoever is like the prince, so loyal and faithful, deserves what his father grants him."

On Rosh Hashanah, as soon as we make our voice heard through the sound of the shofar, God had already listened.

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Moshe Braun

Moshe Braun is the author of Sabbath Peace: A Book of Meditations and other books on Jewish tradition.