Slaves to Materialism

Readings for the seder table.

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One of Passover's lessons is learned to distinguish between more and enough. Dayenu means "it would have been enough for us." Often, enjoying more wealth and comfort stimulates our desire for more--more attention, more comforts, more money, more, more, more. Passover and the Haggadah teach us to be mindful of what our real needs are, of what constitutes "enough."

What constitutes enough for you? What material objects or consumptive activities could you do without?

Make up your own verses to the Dayenu tune, stating what would be enough and what can be done without.

For example:

If we had enough clothes for comfort
and we didn't have such full closets--Dayenu

If we ate meat only on special occasions
and we ate vegetarian most of the time--Dayenu

If we biked or walked to our daily destinations
and we didn't own private automobiles--Dayenu

If we purchased from bulk containers
and we didn't have disposable packaging--Dayenu

If our stuff was built to last
and we rarely threw anything away--Dayenu

And your own verses...

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