Jewish History, 1948 to 1980

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After the 1967 war, American Jews moved toward unwavering support of Israel. The threatened annihilation of the Jewish State by her neighbors brought to the fore memories of extermination that would assume a front seat in the American Jewish collective psyche. The unprecedented philanthropic efforts of American Jews toward support of Israel during and after 1967 demonstrated the practical and psychological commitment that American Jewry felt toward Israel.

The Jewish communities of Latin America, numbering nearly 500,000 in the postwar period, struggled to maintain Jewish continuity in the face of increasing intermarriage, decreasing religious practice, and in the case of Argentina, an anti-semitic military dictatorship (1976-1982). On the other side of the world, the 120,000 Jews of South Africa enrolled nearly all of the country's Jewish youth in day schools, an unusual example of commitment to Judaism in the postwar diaspora.

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