Reform Launches a Worship Revolution

More Hebrew, rituals, and joyful participation called for at 1999 Orlando Biennial.

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Segueing to Reform’s social action agenda, Rabbi Yoffie called for more gun control, eliciting the greatest applause of the morning when he called the National Rifle Association “the criminals lobby” for supporting “the right of any crook or wife beater to buy almost any weapon at almost any time, no questions asked.” On the question of religious pluralism in Israel, he asked [then] Prime Minister Barak “to oppose legislative Judaism in any form.”

Convention participants, UAHC staffers and Reform lay leaders interviewed at the convention appeared to embrace the worship and childhood initiatives. It will be hard work, but it will get done,” the new chairman of the UAHC’s board of trustees, Russell Silverman, said. The associate director o the UAHC department of religious living, Rabbi Sue Ann Wasserman, acknowledged that such changes are “threatening. There are some rabbis, some cantors, some lay leaders who’ve come to like it the way it is,” but she said that changes address “a deep-seated need that everyone seems to be having to connect to the spiritual.”

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E.J. Kessler is a staff writer for The Forward.