The Ritual Bath

A mystery by Faye Kellerman.

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Further reading

Though many readers feel that Kellerman's first novel is her strongest, she has published more than 10 books to date featuring the same characters as well as a mystical mystery, Moon Music (1998), and a historical romance novel, The Quality of Mercy (1988). Kellerman's husband, Jonathan, and son Jesse are also successful mass-market novelists, though their books have not treated Jewish themes as centrally as the Lazarus/Decker novels.

Jewish-themed mysteries and suspense novels are extremely common, ranging widely in their interests and settings; some notable contributors to the genre include Rochelle Krich, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, and country-musician-cumpolitician Kinky Friedman. Worthwhile anthologies of Jewish mystery and crime fiction include Murder Is No Mitzvah (2004), Mystery Midrash (1999), and Criminal Kabbalah (2001), and the editor of the latter two books, Rabbi Larry Raphael, provides an extensive if not exhaustive bibliography of the field on his website,

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Josh Lambert

Josh Lambert is Dorot Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in the Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University and the author of American Jewish Fiction: A JPS Guide (2009).