The Pagan Rabbi and Other Stories

A collection of stories by Cynthia Ozick.

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The play of Ozick's language and the range of her intellect consistently delight, and if she occasionally strays too far in the direction of the highfalutin or the obscure, she does so for the best reasons, because she aspires to create fiction that enlarges our sense of what art and Jewishness can mean.

Further reading

The biographical essay by Susanne KIingenstein that appears in Daughters of Valor (1997) provides fascinating facts about Ozick's life and its relation to her work. A spate of academic studies of Ozick's oeuvre appeared in the 1990s, written by scholars such as Elaine Kauvar (1993), Sarah Blacher Cohen (1994), and Victor Strandberg (1994); a collection of essays edited by Harold Bloom (1986) may be the most useful point of entry into the secondary literature about Ozick's early work.

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Josh Lambert

Josh Lambert is Dorot Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in the Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University and the author of American Jewish Fiction: A JPS Guide (2009).