Lenny Bruce...Updated

Bruce was Jewish but his comedy could use a little updating.

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Oatmeal is Jewish. Wheetena goyish. College Football is goyish, college basketball is Jewish. All sports drafts are Jewish. Golf is a sport that wants to be Jewish so badly.

Heineken is goyish. Corona is goyish only with a lemon. Rap music is Jewish. Metal is goyish. Cover bands are always Jewish. Metallica was Jewish until the whole Napster fallout.

.com is Jewish, .net is goyish.

All soap operas are goyish, except for Days of Our Lives, which is Jewish. Seventeen magazine is goyish, YM is ultra-Jewish.

Bangitout.com is soo soo Jewish, Onlysimchas.com seems to be a wee bit goyish


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Isaac Galena

Isaac Galena is the co-editor of Bangitout.com, a Jewish humor website.