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1970s & '80s stand-up & sketch comedy: Seinfeld's start, Andy Kaufman, Saturday Night Live

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But there was a difference, as SNL writer Robert Smigel explains: "Sid Caesar's sketch comedy came out of vaudeville and had more of a straightforwardness to it. Caesar is more about wacky people in normal situations; the newer writing was more about normal people in strange situations."

Jon Lovitz as "Hanukkah Harry"

SNL combined the often-risqué shock comedy of National Lampoon with a more sophisticated Jewish style of humor, an approach fostered by producer/writer Lorne Michaels and by the show's Jewish writers--Rosie Shuster (The Larry Sanders Show, Square Pegs), Bob Tischler, Al Franken (Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot), and Alan Zweibel (It's Garry Shandling's Show), among others.

Clearly, SNL did not fear the Anti-Defamation League. One of Saturday Night Live's more controversial sketches was "Jewess Jeans" (1980), a faux ad for jeans with Jewish stars emblazoned on the posterior, modeled by Gilda Radner's gum-chewing Jewish shopaholic.

In the 1970s and '80s, SNL launched the careers of a rainbow coalition of young comedians, including Jews who were not afraid to affirm their roots on TV. In 1989, actor Jon Lovitz created Hanukkah Harry, a bearded Jew in a black Santa's cap. In his sketch "The Night Hanukkah Harry Saved Christmas," Lovitz parodied TV Christmas specials that linked materialism and gift-giving with happiness.

"Hanukkah Harry," "Jewess Jeans," and other SNL sketches of the period (such as 1988's game-show parody "Jew, Not a Jew," which satirized the assimilation of Jews in showbiz) enabled SNL writers/performers of the '90s such as Adam Sandler to be even more open about their Jewish identities.

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Arie Kaplan

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