Borat in America

Sacha Baron Cohen's satirical look at the United States--and (fake) Kazakh anti-Semitism.

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Of course, in traditional Hollywood fashion, Borat is permanently changed by his journey, bringing back a taste of Hollywood to his native country. When we see him a few months later, he has replaced the traditional Running of the Jew with the far more palatable vision of a crucified Jew prodded repeatedly by villagers with pitchforks. As Borat knows all too well, some people never learn, and others (like Borat himself) learn their lessons all too well. In Borat's case, the most famous religious film in recent memory provides inspiration for his revamped Jew-ritual. God bless you, Mr. Gibson!

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Saul Austerlitz

Saul Austerlitz is a writer and film critic in New York.