Yaacov Agam

The artist's unique geographical creations have made him a leading pioneer of optic and kinetic art.

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In a similar category are other works which were designed as Jewish ritual objects (synagogue lamps, a candelabrum for the Hanukkah festival, his mezuzah-- the amulet placed in the door-frame of a Jewish home). The inclusion of such works is an important and critical aspect of Agam's Jewish background, to which he has remained deeply attached. In publications on the history of modern and contemporary art, Agam's works are usually appraised in purely artistic terms, however, he himself has always stressed the spiritual Jewish background, not only of his iconic and ritual Jewish works, but also of his entire oeuvre, including the purely abstract works. …

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Avraham Ronen is an Emeritus Professor of the History of Art at Tel Aviv University.