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Sophie Weitzman attends her local high school, where she is a cheerleader and is on the honor roll. She fell in love with writing in the eighth grade, and wrote this piece in the ninth grade, at first as an English assignment. Along with writing, Sophie loves archeology, and for a very long time wanted to be an Egyptologist. She also enjoys playing with her dog, debating, traveling, and being around friends. Her favorite place in the world is her summer camp, where she will be attending her ninth consecutive year this summer. In the future she plans to go to college, and hopes to spend part of her life living in Israel. Sophie will continue to write for the rest of her life, and dreams that in her lifetime her writing will comfort and inspire someone.

She Is Who He Is

When teens transitions to a new gender, what happens to the rest of the family? In November, we shared a post from the perspective of a daughter whose father transitioned to being a woman; now, we’re bringing you the first of two essays written by a sibling. Sophie, a high schooler whose sister (now brother) transitioned within the last few years, writes here about what the beginning of those changes felt like for her as a sister. In her next essay, she’ll discuss her brother’s eventual surgery.

Creative Common/praline3001

Creative Common/praline3001

I would first like to start out by saying I love my brother.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. In my life, he is the person I have spent the most time with. Unlike most siblings, we are best friends. I am proud to say that even with all that we are going through, it had made us even closer. Still at such a young age, he has gone through so much and I will always be there for him. The following group of memories show my struggles and my acceptance of who my brother is and part of why I love him. Continue reading

Posted on June 21, 2013

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