Preparing for Passover: There’s an App for That

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According to this precious Washington Post article, there’s an iPhone app that you can use to learn the four questions (iMah Nishtana, seriously) and you’re probably already familiar with Tweet the Exodus which is (was?) pretty awesome.

There are also many great apps that let you plan your menu way ahead of time, automatically make you shopping lists, and so on. If I had an iPhone, I’d be all about those apps during Passover.

There’s The Story of Passover: Second Edition. And of course there’s an Omer Counter app. There’s an app called Passover Food Street which might be a Passover recipe manager but I honestly can’t tell and it doesn’t look particularly good. Finally, there’s an app for the seder night—Find the Matzah. See you tap to put the matzah in a napkin, and then you hide your iPhone, and then the kids go looking for it, and when they find it, they tap to unwrap the matzah. It saves you the crucial step of picking up the piece of matzah.

Posted on March 26, 2010

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